In these pages I have attempted to provide various pieces of information that may not easily be found elsewhere, therefore this will not be a comprehensive work. Certainly when stripping a re-building the Li I found I needed information or could have done with some good drawings of some assemblies. I have avoided simply duplicating or copying from other sources but to form small bits of information and tips into a more ordered format.
     Much of the information in this section is based on a complete strip and rebuild therefore some of the details may not apply to everyday maintenance. The detail drawings of such parts such as the forks and crank were made during the rebuild. It would have been useful to dimension these but that would have been too time consuming and with so many variations, perhaps a bit pointless. Part numbers in drawings are for the Series 3 Li150, some are common to other S3 models but others vary according to model and engine size.
Detail drawings                 Lubrication charts          Series 3 12volt conversion         Tool drawings